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The Livery is owned by the Goderich Little Theatre, who is pleased to make the space available to the community for weddings, events, meetings,

and other community events.

Our Venue Provides:


  • Comfortable Seating

  • Excellent Visibility

  • Handicapped Accessibility

  • Air Conditioning

  • Ample Free Parking

  • 2000 sq. ft (40'x50′) Auditorium Floor

  • 900 sq. ft (30'x30′) Stage

  • 24'x13′ High Proscenium Arch

  • Prep Kitchen and Bar Fridges

  • Flexible seating and table arrangements

For more information or to book a viewing of the Livery, please contact the General Manager:

519.524.6262 or


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What is the seating capacity in the hall?

Our max capacity is 180 (arranged in rows). For a sit-down dinner we recommend 120 to 140. 200 comfortable stackable chairs, 30 3′-diameter round tables, and 10 8′ rectangular tables are included in the rental of the Livery; the chairs can be arranged in theatre-seating (capacity approx. 180), around the round tables (capacity approx. 120), or at rectangular tables (capacity approx. 140).

Does the hall have a kitchen? What is included in the kitchen (stove, fridge, sink, dishwasher)?

Yes, the GLT has a prep kitchen with a fridge, sink and a stove/oven. There is counter space and room to set up a table or two to make more counter room. We recommend that the caterer visits the location ahead of time. There is also a sink and two small bar fridges in the front lobby; this is generally where a renter will have a bar.

Does the rental include plates, cups, cutlery, linen, etc.?

No. Unfortunately, the Livery does not have any of these items.

Do you have tables and chairs available to use?

We do have tables and chairs for use, included in the cost of the rental. The available items are:
– 30 three-foot diameter round tables (seats four for a meal, six for drinks)
– 10 eight-foot rectangular tables
– 200 comfortable chairs that were purchased within the last few years

Do you only allow specific caterers? 

No, we welcome any and all caterers. Again, we recommend that they visit in advance to plan.

How can I check if the Livery is available for a specific date?

As we have a number of groups operating out of this space, no dates can be confirmed without the confirmation and approval from the General Manager.

Can I have a bar at the Livery?

Yes. It is the responsibility of the renter to obtain a Special Occasions Permit from the AGCO – the application form is available here. It is a good idea to obtain event insurance through your home insurance company for the event as well or check with your insurance provider about more information.

Can I use the parking lot?

Yes. There is a parking lot next door to the Livery which you are able to use, whether it for a small smoking area or to put up a tent, etc. When booking the space, please let us know the intended use of the parking lot as we need to notify the town to be able to block off the entrances.

How many washrooms are there?

There is one accessible washroom on the main level of the lobby, and 1 women’s and 1 men’s washroom on the upper level of the lobby.

Can I use the sound system?

Yes. Our sound system is available to connect to a music player (such as an iPod or laptop) that can be maintained by someone from your event. If you require more extensive technical needs or use of the theatre lights, we require one of our technicians to be there to operate the equipment. These costs are not included in the basic rental fee but are listed on the rental agreement.

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