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About the Livery
Goderich Little Theatre celebrating 75 years in the community!

Welcome to the Goderich Little Theatre, the non-profit community group which owns the historic Livery Theatre.

Records indicate that the rear portion of The Livery was erected during the 1840’s as a harness shop by Samuel Seegmuller, trader in hides and whiskey along the Huron Trail between Guelph and Goderich. By 1878 A. M. Polley had added two sections, also in Maitland River stone, to the front of the early shop to accommodate his livery stable business. After the turn of the century, when horses gave way to automobiles, the building became the first local car dealership. In 1974 it was transformed into a building centre.

By 1978 it was slated for demolition. Goderich Town Council, however, recognizing the historical importance of the building, forestalled the demolition, allowing time for a private citizen, interested in the preservation of historic buildings, to intervene with a down payment on the property. A local architect recognized its potential as a theatre. Soon, a group of enthusiasts formed the Goderich Arts Foundation, dedicated to the recycling of The Livery as a focal point for promotion of the Arts. The Livery building was purchased by the Goderich Little Theatre (GLT), with the support of this community, several years later.

The GLT, a non-profit corporation, has operated the Livery since 1983 as the community’s Arts Centre and has met with much success in the years since.

Goderich Little Theatre is a member of the Western Ontario Drama League. Find out more here


Each season, the Goderich Little Theatre presents a number of productions under the roof of the Livery, which it saved from demolition and purchased in 1983. Using the talents of hundreds of volunteers, both young and old, the community can experience quality dramas, comedies, musicals and historical presentations.


The Livery also presents the Livery Film Fest, a film series. Working with the Toronto Film Festival and Film Circuit Board along with a volunteer committee, the Livery Film Fest brings national and international films not generally available to a rural audience.


The Livery is also available to rent for private and public events, including weddings, events, meetings, and other community events.


The Livery was called by jazz great Moe Koffman “one of the top three acoustic halls in North America”. Our space is perfect for live music of all genres in an intimate acoustic setting.

Our Mission

The Goderich Little Theatre Exists:

  • to facilitate, promote and present live community theatre for Goderich and area

  • to provide high quality productions that entertain and educate our audiences

  • to maintain and improve our historic Livery theatre for the benefit of the organization and the community at large.



  • We value and support other forms of artistic expression

  • We affirm that we are a volunteer organization

  • We strive to mentor and encourage youth

  • We welcome participation by all interested members of the community.

Our Team

General Manager: Cara Loft

President: David Armour

Secretary: Leigh Anne Van Aaken

Treasurer: John Lodge

Past President: Jenna Ujiye

Board of Directors:

David Armour

Nicole Griffin

Nisa Howe-Lobb

Maureen Penn

Brenda Teichert

Matt Hoy

Victoria Makcrow

Marie Greer-King

Leigh Anne Van Aaken

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