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Even Shakespeare had to start somewhere...

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*Remember, this is for EVERYONE - experienced and new!

Been on stage before? Excellent, you will be a mentor to someone.

Never been on stage before? Perfect, we will help you along the way.

Don't fit the age or gender below? Ideal, you could be just who we have been looking for all along.


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About the Plays

This is A Play
By Daniel MacIvor
Directed by Leigh Anne Van Aaken

This is A Play follows three actors who, while performing, reveal their own thoughts and motivations as they struggle through crazy stage directions and an unoriginal musical score. A play, about a play, about a play.

Female Actor/Sissy – Age 20s–30s. A well-trained actress who was in a dramatic role and frustrated
with her inexperienced and non-appealing co-star, Joey.
Older Female Actor/Auntie – age 40s-50s. A wise, but slightly hardened maternal figure played by an
an experienced actress who was annoyed with the wig she had to wear.
Male Actor/Joey – Age 20s-30s. Mysterious yet bold stranger from the city who showed up out of the blue, played by an inexperienced actor who was overconfident in his abilities and frequently thinks of his inspiration, Robert DeNiro.

Final Play
By William Lang
Directed by Brian Makcrow

This chilling, provocative play is concerned with sophisticated brainwashing and the effect of stress and confinement on three flyers shot down in an unnamed war and held in a prisoner-of-war camp where they are undergoing a desperate struggle against an unseen captor. This authoritarian captor, heard but not seen, uses techniques of brainwashing to destroy them.


Characters - 3 people that can play captors aged 20 - 50

Ruby of Elsinore
By Bruce Kane
Directed by Jesse Gill

This play takes place at Ruby's House of Beauty. A day in the life of a beauty salon owner, Ruby
tends to the hair of a certain clientele, all of whom have connections to one another. What ensues is a funny tale of family, betrayal, and one Ghost who's out for revenge!

Ruby: Hair dresser, lots of hair and attitude / late 20s to late 40s
Ophelia: Hamlet's sometime Girlfriend- young and naive/mid 20s ish
Gertrude: Hamlet's mother- Hauty, self-involved / 40s-60s
Claudius: (King) Hamlet's lusty, but suspicious stepfather / 40s-60s
Hamlet: Prince of Denmark. Sullen, indecisive / 20s - 30s
Ghost: Angry and bloodthirsty! 40 + (can always age with make-up)

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