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Written by Timothy Findley

Directed by David Armour

Season Sponsor: Rotary Club of Goderich

Production Sponsor: Catherine Armour, RMT, Massage Therapy


"This production contains strong language, stage violence, depictions of homophobia, and descriptions of sexual assault."   

Wed Feb 21, 2024 - 8 pm - Preview - pay what you will

Thurs Feb 22 - 8 pm

Fri Feb 23 - 8 pm

Sat Feb 24 - 8 pm

Sun Feb 25 - 2 pm - Matinee

Thurs Feb 29 - 8 pm 

Fri Mar 1 - 8 pm

Sat Mar 2 - 8 pm

Sun Mar 3 - 2 pm - Matinee 

It’s Shrove Tuesday, 1601. Robert, the Earl of Essex is to be beheaded in the morning for leading a rebellion against the crown. Queen Elizabeth I, widely supposed to be his lover, caught by political forces she cannot overcome, awaits the morning with dread. She “requires distraction” and commands a performance of Much Ado About Nothing. Then, she joins Shakespeare and his company overnight in the barn, to wait out the curfew. What follows is a confrontation among three great minds on the nature of power, love, sex, and gender.

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